Broll – £69.95

-one for the kids

Meet the Broll. The newest member of our family.

The Broll is a marriage of a neck brace and a neck roll. It takes the structural mid and back end of a neck brace and combines it with tough but comfortable padding to round out the front. This collaboration results in the perfect safety device for small children who are starting to take the risks that make mom concerned.



Ready to Broll.

Our children may be young and small, but they are taking bigger risks than ever. But the new Atlas Broll is ready for everything your little dare devil can throw at it, and more. By sizing the Broll slightly smaller than our Tyke brace, it caters to the youngest children just getting into extreme sports, and it works great with other body protection items.




Featherweight. Just like Junior.

The Broll is incredibly light – only 375g. In order for your little pride and joy to feel comfortable in a safety product, it had to be this weightless. This unnoticeable. And this easy to use.



Small size. Big features.

We set out to make a truly great kids product, and stripping the product of features wasn’t part of that mission. The Broll includes features we pioneered for the rest of our brace family like Spine Free back supports that fold for storage, Jr Smart Mounts for adjustment, CNC machined aluminum rear axles, Jr Easy Open system, and high performance waterproof padding in vibrant colors. This isn’t your average kids product.



Tailored for personality.

Color is used for self expression. It’s used to define a look, or even a personality. We recognize that kids want to express themselves, and the Broll gives them that option. The Broll is available in colors ranging from subtle to wild, and also leaves the door open for custom graphics. The possibilities, and personalities, are endless.


broll-ov-5  © Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)© Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)© Clayton Racicot Photography (CRP)




Built to absorb. Even at low levels.

Low level impacts can still produce significant damage, especially to a fragile young body. The hybrid style construction of the Broll caters to these low level impacts by providing a means for them to be absorbed through tough, but soft padding in a way that is manageable with its miniature size.




Easy Open. Junior size.

The Jr Easy Open system allows quick, repeatable entry and exit with a simple pull of a strap. It can even be performed from either side, making it easy for right or left handed users – or Dad – to remove the Broll.



Room to grow.

The Broll shares the same Jr Smart Mounts found on our Tyke brace to allow for two chest size adjustment positions. As your child grows, the product can grow with them.




Protection ready.

The slim and sleek design of the Broll works great with body protection. The back supports can easily fit inside of the protection, and the front padding can sit comfortably on top of any protection item.


Keep it in place.

The Broll comes with a traditional chest strap that can always stay attached to the product. Keeping the product and strap system together makes it easy for smaller children to keep track of them, and always remember to use them.